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linuxwacom currently has a small and rather buggy gui to set and store tablet settings in a configuration file.  This is not the proper way to do it as it adds it’s own configuration file instead of using gnome’s gnome-settings-daemon and gconf.  xf86-input-wacom does not have any settings manager besides xsetwacom which is a command line tool.  While you can use xsetwacom to set settings, it can be rather difficult to do this and the settings are not stored.  My current project will be to create a capplet for the gnome-control center for wacom tablets to provide an easy and properly integrated interface for tablet settings.  This is only for xf86-input-wacom as it is what supports newer versions of everything, while linuxwacom supports legacy versions.

The plan for this project will be as follows:

Decide which settings are wanted to be settable, create the correct type of gui layout for changing all of the settings and supporting multiple (although different model types) tablets,  make it change gconf settings when you change them in the gui, and then add the hooks in to gsd so the settings are actually applied.

The following commit illustrates how to add hooks to gnome-settings-daemon (gsd) so that way when gconf settings are changed gsd can apply those settings:

xsetwacom has a list of some of the different things that can be set on tablets:

This list may not be comprehensive and may not list some settings, because not everything needs to be changed by the user.


More notes to come in later posts once more information is figured out.


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